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The course of development

  In Aug 1995, Guilin Automobile Parts Factory was established.

•   In Dec 2000, the company transformed to Guilin Fuda Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

  In Oct 2002, Tsinghua - Fuda Automobile System Technology Development Research Institute was established.

  In Jul 2003, Guilin Fuda Crankshaft Co., Ltd. was established.

  In Jul 2005, Xiangyang Fuda Dongkang Crankshaft Co., Ltd. was established.

    In Jan 2008, the company transformed to Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd.

  In Mar 2008, Guilin Fuda Gear Co., Ltd. was established.

  In Mar 2009, Guilin Fuda Forging Co., Ltd. was established.

  In Nov 2009, Wuhan Fuda Crankshaft Co., Ltd. was established.

   In Sep 2011, “Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology – Guilin Fuda Mould Technology Joint R&D Center.” was inaugurated in front of the Fuda  Mould Office in new plant. 

   In Feb 2013, Shanghai Fuda Automobile Parts Sales Co., Ltd. was established.

   On Nov 27, 2014, Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd., successfully listed on the stock market of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Stock code: 603166

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