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Company introduction

 Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd. (Hereafter refers to as “Fuda Co.”), a high-tech enterprise which main business is auto parts, mainly engages in the development, production and sales of auto parts: Engine Crankshaft, Automobile Clutches, Spiral Bevel Gear and Precision Forging, etc. It’s a major manufacture enterprise of Forged Steel Crankshaft and Automobile Clutch in China. Fuda Co. has 6 wholly owned manufacturing enterprises distributed in Guilin Guangxi, Xiangyang and Xiaogan in Hubei. The total asset of the company is 2.97 billion RMB, and it has more than 2, 600 employees. Fuda Co. listed on the stock market of Shanghai Stock Exchange on Nov 27, 2014, Stock Code: 603166. 
Fuda Co. has an annual capacity of 1.12 million pieces of forged steel crankshaft, 1.3 million sets of clutch assembly, 0.15 million sets of spiral bevel gear and 0.1 million tons of precision forging. Fuda products supply to more than 30 famous automaker, engine maker, and axle company both at home and abroad. Some products have entered the Global Purchase System of world famous automakers, mostly match with commercial vehicle, passenger vehicle and engineering machinery. 
          Fuda Co. has an authenticated Technology Center by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Fuda Co. and its wholly owned subsidiaries Guilin Fuda Crankshaft Co., Ltd., Xiangyang Fuda Dongkang Crankshaft Co., Ltd., Guilin Fuda Gear Co., Ltd., have very powerful independently development ability, as well as many core technology and production technique projects for key auto parts, which have been successively rated as National High-Tech Enterprise. Fuda Co. owns more than 41 patents and many core technology projects, such as “Journal and Fillet Quenching” and “Fillet Rolling” etc. Fuda forged steel crankshaft project has been listed by National Ministry of Science and Technology as National Torch Project in 2006 (Project No.: 2006GH041399); the construction project, “Annual Output of 0.1 Million Tons of Precision Forging” was listed as National Torch Project in 2011 (Project No.: 2011GH031814) and Coordinate & Promote Project of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Fuda is the formulation unit of two automobile industry standards, “The Technical Condition of Automobile Dry Friction Clutch Assembly” and QC/T27 “The Bench Test Method of Automobile Dry Friction Clutch Assembly”.

 Fuda Co. has passed the verification of   TS16949/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 Quality/Environment/Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. Fuda products and trademark “FOTO” are respectively awarded as “National Inspection-Free Product”, “Guangxi Famous Brand Product” and “Guangxi Famous Trademark”. Fuda won the first session of Guilin Mayor Quality Award in 2013, and get the second session of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Chairman Quality Award in 2014.

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