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Product classification

Forging Business


      The company has 3 suspension heat-treatment tempering production lines and 2 network furnace heat-treatment tempering production lines, which can meet our heat-treatment requirement of forging.

      Fuda Forging has 6 hot forging pressure machine production lines, they are 14000T, 12500T, 8000T, 6300T and two 4000T. The main production equipments introduced in are the most technical advanced in the industry of countries as Russia, Germany, USA, Finland, Japan, South Korea and so on, which now enable it becoming a forging enterprise with the largest scale, most technical advanced, and highest automation degree in China. It mainly produces forging of Engine Crankshaft, Auto Front Axle, Steering Knuckle, Engineering Machinery, and Marine Machinery etc, which annual capacity of precision forging is above 0.1 million tons.

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