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Product classification

Automobile Clutch



The company has various advanced machining equipments necessary for clutch production. Introduce in the world first-class AICHELIN heat treatment production line and build the national first-class assembly and inspection production line enable the company to produce many kinds of clutch cover assembly and driven disc assembly of different specifications at the same time.
     The company has a complete set of equipments for automobile clutch manufacture, test, and inspection, which guarantee the excellent usability performance and fatigue durability of the products. Large tonnage pressure machine and fine-made mould can guarantee the accurate forming of components for big-sized clutch cover. The company has world first-class Austria AICHELIN double station controllable atmosphere diaphragm pressure-quenching production line, which can realize the process treatment of diaphragm loading, heating, pressure quenching, cleaning, tempering etc automatically. France USF turntable type Shot Blast Strengthen Machine can guarantee the heat treatment quality, stability of mechanical properties, and increase the fatigue durability of the diaphragm spring.

By long term cooperation with national famous university, Tsinghua University, the company follows the development direction of clutch industry home and abroad, masters the design technology and development method of automobile clutch comprehensively, applies CAD computer aided design and simulation technology, accelerates the new product development speed and improve the success rate, so as to make sure the products designed and developed are in national leading position.

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