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Product classification

Engine Crankshaft



The company has more than 20 crankshaft machining production lines which are equipped with advanced technology, excellent equipments, and numerical control processes. The annual capacity of various kinds of crankshaft is 1.1 million pieces.

The company has national advanced crankshaft flange-hole oil-hole flexible machining unit, NC lathe machine, milling machine, grinder, and introduced in UK LANDIS double grinding wheels follow-up grinder, USA MP dynamic balance machine, USA ADCOLE crankshaft comprehensive measuring machine, USA SHEFFEILE three coordinate measuring instrument, Austria GFM milling machine, UK TAYLOR HOBSON profile meter, Germany JUNKER three grinding wheels follow-up grinder, Japan Nachi oil hole special machine, Germany NAXOS multi-grinding wheel and single grinding wheel machine, and Through-type cleaning machine. The company has various series of Medium Frequency Quenching heat-treatment equipments, Through-type Tempering Furnace, and Plasma Nitriding equipment as Pulse Power Supply, which now is a relatively large scaled Fillet Quenching heat-treatment center of China. After years of technology innovation and process improvement, the Medium Frequency Quenching process has reached national advanced level.

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