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Enterprise culture

Enterprise Mission – To be the driver of a better life.
Fuda devotes itself to entering the career field of improving people’s living.
Fuda devotes itself to promoting the development and progress of the industry.
Fuda devotes itself to all-win, harmonious development, benefiting our customer, shareholder, partner, society and all other relevant parties from our effort.
Fuda devotes itself to stimulating self-improvement of employee, letting employee enjoy more accomplishment brought by enterprise development.


Core Value – Honesty, Responsibility, Win-Win

Honesty is the fundamental of our business.
Responsibility makes us more valuable.

Win-Win is our business idea.

Enterprise Vision – To be an international enterprise with unique enterprise culture and sustainable competiveness.

Fuda advocates the culture of hard work, progress and humanization, pursues the culture of openness and internationalization, aiming at developing an enterprise culture with feature of Fuda.
Fuda builds competitive advantage continuously in aspect of talent, technology, product, management and so on, integrates into international competitiveness and reaches an internationalized level.
Fuda keeps pioneering spirit forever, surpasses rival constantly, goes beyond itself, aiming at becoming a excellent enterprise with good health and longevity, constructing a happy homeland of Fuda people.

Enterprise Culture – Concentration, Hard Work, Open, Innovation
Concentration —— Work attitude of Fuda people.

Hard Work —— Work style of Fuda people.

Open —— Cooperation mindset of Fuda people.

Innovation —— Strong power of development of Fuda people.

Work Style – Precise & Serious, Collaborative & Efficient
Precise & Serious is the style requirement of every Fuda staff.
Work with preciseness and carefulness, and being meticulous. Did does not mean good job, the work worth doing is sure to be done well.
Collaborative & Efficient is the style requirement of each Fuda team.
Team members should communicate regularly, cooperate actively, and act quickly, so that every piece of work can be well done with the highest efficiency.

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